Ashtree Block Ventures LLC is a US SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, which operates PECADO, a Digital Asset Interactive Web Investment Portal

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PECADO is an interactive digital investment platform wholly owned by Ashtree Block Ventures UAB, an EU enterprise established in Lithuania that holds a license to operate an electronic wallet and digital exchange that specializes in virtual assets. PECADO’s proprietary distributed ledger technology is fully supported by its in-house technology group led by its CTO in the U.S. and fully funded by Ashtree Block Ventures LLC, a U.S. SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD# 323257).

Ashtree Block Ventures LLC

Ashtree Block Ventures LLC (ABV LLC) is an SEC registered investment firm (CRD No. 323257) in the United States. With affiliate in Europe and Asia, Ashtree Block Ventures UAB (EU economic area) and Ashtree Consultancy, Inc. (a SEC registered entity in the Philippines) respectively, Ashtree owns and operates PECADO, a Global Digital Asset Investment Portal which specializes in Registered Digital Assets (RDAs).
The digital investment portal has a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license issued to Ashtree Block Ventures UAB under the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, authorized through the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS), a Financial Intelligence Unit in the European Union. Lithuania is one of the few European Union/European Economic Area (EU /EEA) member state that authorizes VASP supervision.
In the Philippines through affiliates, PECADO is covered with a VASP and EMI licenses issued by the BSP (Central Bank of the Philippines) via a service contract agreement.
On top of the international VASPs, PECADO is also affiliated with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), P/E Capital DAO LLC, an entity sponsored by its affiliate P/E Capital Investment Management Partners, a FINRA Registered and State Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD No. 172695) in the States of Illinois, Indiana and California.
P/E Capital Investments is an associated affiliate of Ashtree BV through its principals, Eliseo Jojo L Prisno CRPC, MS a FINRA Registered Investment Advisor (CRD No. 4934789) and Candy L Emnas Prisno (CRD No. 7041056). Messrs Prisno and Emnas Prisno control majority stakes in the Ashtree Global Conglomerates as well as P/E Capital Investments SEA PL of Singapore headed by its CEO, Mr. Anton Castillo, another of Ashtree’s principals. Using a framework found in the Securities Act of 1933 in the US, Ashtree and its affiliates originate digital investment programs under the blockchain protocol that are securities in structure.

Advice On Origination of Securities through Regulation D

Ashtree Block Ventures LLC is able to originate registered digital assets (RDAs) which are registered as securities within the framework of the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Ashtree Block Ventures LLC are firm believers that for digital assets to be registered as securities in the USA and recognised worldwide, no new laws need to be put in place by any jurisdiction around the globe. This is why Ashtree Block Ventures uses existing laws to originate these securities through the US SEC and to place these securities on our digital investment platform PECADO.
Ashtree Block Ventures LLC uses the licenses acquired through both the companies within P/E CAPITAL Conglomerate and their affiliates. Through our framework, Ashtree Block Ventures LLC have the tools to file register, develop, sell and distribute digital assets for potential business partners worldwide. Ashtree Block Ventures LLC is very selective with the individuals or enterprises that it chooses to do business with, and goes through a rigorous but automated KYC/AML process to ensure that the prospective counter parties complies with all AML procedures and KYC requirements. Even then the prospective counter parties may not be chosen for one of these digital asset origination projects by Ashtree Block Ventures, due to reasons that Ashtree Block Ventures may or may not disclose with such prospective partner.
If you are interested in becoming partners with Ashtree Block Ventures LLC for the purpose of developing an RDA, please go to the Resources.
If you fit the requirements and comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Policy, please contact us with an email outlining your business, the purpose of digital asset creation, the asset backing the token and your contact details and any other information documents or links you would like to share with us.